Disasters can happen anytime. Emergencies can happen anytime as well. That is why it is always best to be prepared. For many households, most people have a kit ready in case disasters or emergencies strike. They know what to do and they have a plan in place. However, what most people usually forget is a plan for their pet – in case something untoward happens. It is important to include your pet in your plans in case an emergency or a disaster happens. This is why here are some tips that you can use to plan and keep your dog safe during such untoward moments.

Know what disasters usually happen in your area.

Each place in the world is home to disasters. These disasters vary and depends on the area. So it is highly suggested that you understand the disasters that usually happen in your place. Is your place getting hurricanes? How about tornadoes? Maybe tsunamis? Perhaps wildfires? There are disasters that happen frequently in your area. Know what those are so you know what to prepare for. By knowing what can potentially happen in your area, you can start preparing for both you and your pet.

Make evacuation plans that includes your pet.

Most people would make evacuation plans but forget to include their pet. Disasters can happen anytime and there are instances when evacuation is needed. You would not have time to plan when the disaster is happening. That is why experts suggest that you must plan in advance. You have to move quick during an evacuation so planning would most likely not happen. Having a plan before disaster strikes is the best thing to have. Find a good location during your planning stage. This would allow you to run to your planned shelter when the need for it arises.

Where to bring your pet.

Where can you bring your dog in case disaster strikes and you could not attend to him? Rather than just leaving your dog behind because there is no way that you can take care of the animal, there are places where you can leave your pet behind and be sure that he is safe. You can entrust your pet to his vet, to pet hotels, to relatives, to a friend, to pet boarding facilities, or maybe even to animal shelters. Just make sure that you have everything that your pet needs when you leave them with other people.

Have an emergency kit for your pet.

Be sure that you have an emergency kit for your pet, not just for you. It must have the following:  

  • Clean water
  • Wet food worth one to two weeks that are still good
  • Blankets
  • Life jacket
  • Feeding bowls
  • Flashlight
  • Leash
  • Protectors for paws
  • Collar
  • First aid kit made especially for your pet
  • Medical and vaccine records
  • Contact information of vet
  • Any medications
  • Contacts people in case of emergencies


It would also be a great thing to have your dog wearing a collar that has your information as owner. That way, in case you get separated from your pet, people would still be able to contact you. They would know who the owner is.


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