Dog in general are howlers, that is their nature. Although it isn’t part of their daily routine.I used to have a dog who howls all the time. It never bothered me because that’s how they are biologically.

Dogs howl because of the following reasons:
• When they have separation anxiety
• When they communicate with other dogs
• When they are in pain
• Response to alarm and sirens

Separation anxiety
One of the most common reason for howling is when our dogs have separation anxiety, they feel anxious and worried when their owners leave for work or if he went to another place that he isn’t used going to, dogs would usually get scared in places they haven’t been to, they often do it when they are at home, alone. You have to look closely to see and understand what they are going through. Try doing things that can ease their anxiousness such as playing with them and engaging them in exercises and activities.

Howling, barking are ways on how dogs communicate with other dogs, it is distinct and unique. Wolves howl to lead the pack, their thoughts, opinion are all through howling. When they do it it means they want to contact other dogs, or simply want their attention. Most of the time, howling can be harmless for your dog and it’s something that we shouldn’t be really concern about. Since howling is something that they often do and it isn’t something to be worried about.

Howling might signal pain or injury
Some dogs howl when they aren’t feeling well, sick or injured. sometimes they howl too much when they are in pain so we have to look closely and know when it’s time to take him to the veterinarian, it would be really scary not to know and just judge by merely looking at him howling, you can try and check him, see if he has wounds or scars. If something doesn’t seem right, take him to the dog clinic immediately just to sure.

Responding to noises such as sirens and alarms (high pitched)
We all know that dogs are very responsive, they tend to have a reaction to things that you do, or show them. Even the smallest possible details, they will surely pay attention. Same goes with noises that produces high pitch, they like to answer back or reply to the sounds of siren and alarms with the distinct high pitched sound.

Moreover, there would be a thousand explanations why dogs bark or howl that we know nothing about. We have to understand that these dogs have their own ways to communicate since they can’t verbally express themselves. Sometimes, we don’t need to be keen in knowing the reasons for their howling so long as they look okay, but if howling has been going on for days and nights and it if it bothers you too much or if they don’t look alright, might as well have him checked at the veterinary clinic.


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