A dog’s sense of smell is way sharper than any animal including ours. It plays a very important role in their everyday lives and how they perceive the world. They use their nose to sniff around and gather information – they can track food, people, and obviously bombs just by smelling.

As dog parents, it is important for us to keep their best asset in good condition all the time. A healthy dog nose is normally moist and cool, in fact, their noses need to be properly moisturized in order to work properly.

Whereas an unhealthy nose tends to be dry and flaky. An unhealthy nose can get a lot in the way of how your dog functions and does their day to day activities.

Although it is normal for any dog to have a drier nose while sleeping, it should be back to the normally wet and shiny state moments after they wake up.

A dry, cracked, flaky, or irritated nose can mean that your dog’s nose needs extra attention and care. A number of possible reasons can cause this to happen, it can be due to the cold winter weather, sunburn, or dehydration.

Certain medical conditions, most common allergic reactions, can also cause their nose to be unusually dry. But just like any unusual behavior or physical changes observed, you should consult your vet first before taking matters in your own hand.

Once serious nasal/respiratory and other medical emergencies are ruled out, you can do some easy steps to help your dog maintain or get back to the healthy state of their nose.

Get rid of possible allergens.

Most of the time, a dry nose is caused by allergic reaction.

Once your vet confirms that it is due to allergy, you should start by determining what triggers their allergy. Plastic toys, plush toys, feeding bowls, food, and cleaning products can all trigger allergy in most dogs. Once determined, get rid or replace these items with hypoallergenic products.

Some dog breeds like the French Bulldogs, Pugs, Boxers, Mastiffs, Bullmastiffs, etc. are even more prone to developing nasal problems than others. So if you have a dog that is more prone to these problems, be extra careful and observant of their physical state.

Make sure they get enough water.

Dehydration can generally affect your dog and not just their nose. Make sure that their water bowls are regularly replenished and cleaned. Dehydration can affect their digestive health, skin, and their excretory system.

Keep them dehydrated especially during hot days to prevent any medical emergency and keep their snouts moisturized and happy.

Use Snout balms.

There are times that a dry nose is cannot be prevented no matter how much water we give them or how careful we are in not triggering allergies. This happens especially during winter season where your dog’s nose can become severely dry and cracked.

Similar to chap sticks and lip balms we use, dogs also have their snout balms to help moisturize and soothe their noses. However, you need to consult your vet prior to using these and check for any potentially harmful ingredient since they can accidentally lick it off their nose and ingest it.


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