A dog’s love is as pure and unconditional as it would get. If only communication between dogs and humans are possible, then you wouldn’t be guessing if your dog loves you or not.

Human beings communicate affection through cuddles, belly rubs, and a back scratch but how do dogs communicate their loves for you?

Listed below are the signs that will tell if your dog loves you:

Sleeps with you

Dogs have descended from wolf lineage. They are pack animals. They believe that there is strength in numbers. When they sleep, they do it with groups. This is due to the fact that when you sleep surrounded by your mates, you are safe. Also, aside from security, dogs sleep in packs because they take advantage of other’s body heats. When you find your domesticated dog, constantly wanting to sleep around you, it is a sign of trust towards you as an owner.

Jumping on you

After a long day of work, you find yourself at the front door wondering what you have been up to before opening the door. Upon immediately doing so, your dog jumps on you because of excitement and happiness upon seeing you. When a dog loves you, it won’t hesitate to show how much it loves and misses you.

Wagging Tails

There’s nothing more satisfying than hearing that “thump” sound on the floor while your dog sits comfortably, staring at you and doing nothing. Wagging tails are a sign of how comfortable, safe and happy a dog is with you. However, wagging tails can also be considered as a sign of anger and annoyance. So be careful and be very keen on observing this activity with a dog as to not get the wrong idea behind.

Rough-plays with you

It is rare to have dogs initiate rough playing with an owner. Oftentimes, it’s the owner that initiates the playtime. When your dog starts to pound on you playfully, it is his way of communicating that he trusts you. Being able to initiate the act means that the dog feels safe and himself that he can play with you like that. Also it is a compliment from a dog that he finds you fun to be with.

Follows you around

Dogs who love their owners follow them around wherever they might go. Into the bedroom, around the kitchen, outside at the garden. Dogs love to have their family members around because they see his owner as someone he can fully trust. Dogs being social creatures likes to have a companion around.

Each dog has a love language of their own in terms of communicating affection and care. These are some of the most common ways dogs show love. Since every dog is unique, some signs might not be applicable to him. Dogs are considered as man’s best friends. They are loved because they provide happiness and protection that only they can bring our lives. Loving them and being responsible for their well-being is one way of giving love to them who deserve it the most.


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