Sometimes we get into emergency situations in unfortunate circumstances. Having a medical pet emergency when it’s late at night or its the weekend and the vet is closed.

In moments like this, it is necessary that we have a clear mind in order to assess the situation properly.

What are the signs that you should bring your dog to the vet and how do you find one when your vet clinic is closed?

First things first, how do you know when your dog needs an emergency vet?

Here are the cases you should watch out for that do need an emergency vet.

· When your dog doesn’t eat or drink

Skipping a meal is fine. But going an entire day without ingesting any solids or liquids is worrisome. Other than the possibility that this might just be issues of being picky with food, your dog might be signaling that he has internal infection or disease, or dental issue.

· When your dog experience trauma (in any forms)

Traumas can cause numerous changes in personality and eating habits, even if you physically don’t see changes or effects because of this trauma.

Traumas such as falling from a high location, getting hit by someone, or being hurt by another animal can result in your dog being shocked or having internal injuries.

· When your dog can’t breathe or has difficulty in doing so

When your dog’s gums are of the color blue, red or gray, this means you would need to already call for an emergency vet.

These colors indicate that there is something wrong with oxygenation, blood flow or internal bleeding problems. Additionally, when excessive pants have been observed this can mean they are problems occurring.

· When your dog is experiencing seizures

Seizures are symptoms of numerous diseases like liver/kidney disease, head injury, brain cancer, encephalitis, and electrolyte problem. Seizures is a immediate sign to call the vet.

· When your dog has a bloated belly

A very serious health concern for dogs is the gastric dilatation and vovulus (GDV).

GDV accumulates gas that can sometimes result in the stomach rotating or twisting; putting extreme pressure on the arteries and veins, limiting blood flow. And this is a very dangerous situation!

If your dog has a bloated abdomen and is very restless, give the vet a call.

· When your dog is vomiting or experiencing diarrhea

Vomiting that involves blood is a sure sign to call the vet ASAP!

This might mean he is experiencing intestinal blockage or has ingested some kind of toxin. But if there is no blood, however, your dog has continuous vomiting/diarrhea, this is also a signal to call the vet because this can cause dehydration, and loss of energy.

· When peeing becomes difficult for your dog

Do you notice something different when your dog pees?

Can you physically see in his body and face how he has a hard time peeing?

If yes, it’s time to call in a medical professional, he might have urinary tract infection OR even something more worse.

· When your dog’s eaten something foreign

Dogs eat whatever they feel like eating. If you think they have ingested something they shouldn’t and there are signs of vomiting, change in personality, and weight loss.

So how or where do you see an emergency vet?

Most vets know where the 24/7 emergency care/vets are. Plus Google does as well.

But do not wait for the situation to happen before finding this out, prepare already. Additionally, it is also helpful having a first aid kit ready, ask your vet what should be the things you have in it.

When emergencies happen, before letting panic sick in, try to remember the tips you’ve read here.


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