Was there ever a time that you were casually walking in the mall or on a street and you happen to see a dog that has a yellow ribbon tied to its collar?

Were you curious as to what it meant? Did you think maybe it was just for design or cute fashion?

Well, we will tell you all about that yellow ribbon.

A recent movement has been rising for the past couple of years where dogs that aren’t exactly the most relaxed dogs, in short a nervous and scared little fella, are placed with a yellow ribbon. This movement is called the Yellow Dog Project.

The movement aims to keep a safe and relaxed environment for a shy dog. The yellow ribbon should signal to the people around the dog that they should keep their hands away from the dog, unless given permission by the owner before approaching.

Based on the information posted on the website of this movement is that dogs with yellow ribbons are those that require some personal space.

This does not automatically mean that these dogs are aggressive or untrained dogs that might harm others but it just means that these dogs are those that have problems with interacting with others so they might fear being surrounded by too many people or fear of being touched by others.

Or they might have had a recent surgery that needs time to heal or a rescue dog that hasn’t been fully trained on how to interact with others. These are just some of the many reasons a dog may have a yellow ribbon.

Of course, dogs, no matter what personality they have, shy or not, still need some exercise. And one of the exercises they would enjoy is walking.

In some instances, some people want to pet a dog on the street even before asking permission from the owner. By having the yellow ribbon, this should limit unwanted stress for the dog given that it signifies this dog cannot be immediately approached, like how most people do with other dogs on the street.

Yellow Dogs are placed on a leash for the reason that it keeps them from getting into uncomfortable situations. And this also means that even your own dog should not be allowed to approach the yellow dog, unless given permission.

But the most important reason that makes this movement necessary is that the Yellow Dog Project allows owners, most especially those who have rescue dogs, the assurance and authority to train the dogs outside the four walls of their house; allowing them out to the real world without fearing that their dog may be approached randomly. Basically, this gives the owners the confidence and it gives the dogs a sense of peace.

For those of you who are considering on putting a yellow ribbon on your dog, do not feel that this may look like an excuse to not train your dog some social interaction skills, but instead, look at it as an action that aims to have a safer and comfy space for your dog.


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