Learn the Ways on How to Properly Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Our dogs’ dental health is often looked over. Not all dog owners give much attention to their dog’s dental hygiene and possible dangers once it is neglected. According to studies, gum disease is one of the most common dog health problems. In fact, experts are saying that 8 out of 10 dogs that are aged three and above are suffering from dental problems. Sad to say, gum disease is irreversible. However, with care and prevention, dog owners can help stop it. Bear in mind that your dog’s dental health is important. If we choose to ignore signs of dental diseases, there’s a possibility of it spreading all throughout your dog’s system, infecting your pet’s mouth, bloodstream, and eventually his or her organs.

First up: Let us Know How Dogs Develop Dental Problems

It all begins with plaque. Just like what our dentists have taught us, plaque build-up starts from food particles left inside our mouth. This is exactly what happens with our dogs as well. If you do not do the habit of brushing your dog’s teeth, chances are they will develop plaque. Once plaque hardens, it will turn to tartar. Tartar is a known irritant for your dog’s gums. You would know if your dog is suffering from dental problems through these signs:

Swollen gums
Abrupt weight loss
Bad breath
Trace of Blood in their saliva
Unusual nasal discharge
Excessive drooling
Difficulty in Eating and Chewing
Unusual tearing or swelling below one eye
Discolored teeth

If you see these symptoms, your dog is probably already affected by gum disease. Not to prevent this from happening, remember to do regular brushing. Just like us, humans, dogs also need their teeth brushed. If the daily frequency is too much, one can try brushing their dog’s teeth three times a week. Vets advice dog owners to use a dog toothbrush (that is readily available in pet centers everywhere). You can also use soft bristled child’s toothbrush. This way you won’t hurt your dog’s gums while brushing. A finger toothbrush or a gauze around your finger can also work. Also bear in mind to use dog toothpaste. Never ever use toothpaste that we usually use for it may have some components that are harmful for your dog’s health.

Here’s a few tips when brushing your dog’s teeth:

First, you can start with a small amount of toothpaste, put on your finger and start rubbing it on the inside of the cheeks. As he or she licks off the toothpaste, give him or her a compliment. Then you could try with a toothbrush. Again, do not forget to praise him or her.

Start off for a few seconds. Then continue until it’s been a whole minute. Concentrate on some tooth surfaces. Make sure your brushing reaches your dog’s molars and canines. Pay attention to every part of your dog’s mouth for full brushing coverage.

In addition to brushing, you can also try the dental formula dog food which can help fight off plaque and tartar build up. This type of food is also perfect in scraping off bacteria off your dog’s mouth. You can also give your dogs some chewable toys and treats.
With these simple steps, you can help your dogs to have healthy teeth and gums.


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