Dogs also need to exercise in order to become healthy. Their daily activities can contribute a lot to their health. May it be daily trips out for walks, jogs, playtime such as tug, fetch, tag and others—any physical activity can greatly help maintain your dog’s health. Physical exercises’ benefits include keeping your pet’s body trim and fit, a channel for positive energy, and also a way to develop their cognitive and social skills. Dogs who are engaged in physical activities are distracted from destructive behavior like gnawing, chewing, and house soiling. So dog owners who are reading this article, it is good to encourage and help our dogs to stay in shape through this healthy dog work out plan.

Knowing the Benefits of Doggie Work Out

Sometimes it is hard to believe that dogs need regular exercise. Most especially for dogs who are already so giddy around the house. We think with all their energy; they are already doing casual exercise. This is not always the case. Dogs need the regular exercise to be able to achieve better metabolism and to lose excess fat, that could be a cause of heart ailments in dogs. Experts also advise dog owners that exercise allows dogs to have a better temperature regulation, better appetite and better muscle tone. When dogs are in good shape, they are better in battling illness, and better in adapting to surroundings.

Exercise also prevents canine obesity, one of the growing problems of pets around the world. Routine work out can also help dogs against boredom. When dogs are bored, they tend to do destructive things such as gnaw and chew on things. With exercise, they will do away with digging, destroying things at home, or excessive barking. Exercise are basic positive activities for our dogs. They enjoy the physical play, and they get to stretch those muscles!

Always Consult your Vet regarding the Work Out Plan

As dog owners, bear in mind that a work out plan will depend on the dog’s age, sex, and breed. You must also take into consideration your dog’s current health situation. One doesn’t simply let their dogs exercise without needed facts. The frequency and intensity of the dog work out will depend on the aforementioned. For example, if your dog belongs to the sporting, terrier, herding, or hound breed and is roughly around 6 to 18 months old, then he or she requires more exercise than aging or young ones. Too much strenuous activities can cause health problems for puppies and /or aging dogs.

This is the reason why you have to consult a veterinarian first before designing a new workout plan for your dogs. Dog owners who live an active lifestyle should be well aware that their dogs do not possess the same physical limits. Also be full aware of the weather condition and the time for working out. It is never advisable to bring your dog out for exercise on a super-hot day for they are most likely be affected by heat stroke. Extreme cold weather can also be bad for our pets.

If your dog is behind you, obviously struggling and exhausted, make sure you give him or her tons of water. Take plenty of breaks. Join your dogs for a slower and lighter work out session. Then you could ask help from the vet about increasing your dog’s exercise frequency and intensity.

Move Now!
Start off the work out now! Always remember that it may require your time and effort but it the end of the day you will realize that the work out gives nothing but pros in your dog’s life.



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