Q: When I’m around, my little Poodle Daisy keeps on barking. She barks when someone comes in to our house but only if I am around. As long as I’m not there, anyone can pass his territory peacefully without hearing any barking from her. What caused this problem and how can I solve this?

A: As far as your friends and family is concern, your dog is a good dog. No fuss can be noticed from her when your housemaid does her chores. Not even a bit of intimidating bark can be heard when a delivery person went to drop a package. Silent treatment is given to the gardeners while they are in the process of finishing cutting down grass and trimming plants in the yard. And then you came. Suddenly your cute little poodle turns into a barking machine. Every person coming in is welcomed not with a smile but with an intimidating barking that never stops. You husband might not be able to pass conveniently at your door without this reception from your dog.

Have you ever wondered why they are just doing this when you’re around? Are we causing their barking problem? It might be.

It may be difficult to accept it but if it’s obvious that they are just barking when you’re around, then try to check yourself and find the answer to your question. It’s easy to deny this fact but acknowledging the problem—which is you—would definitely hasten the process of resolving this issue.

If your dog is loud when you are around, this may mean they are territorial and guarding their owners. But some dogs do more than just barking. Your cute best friend may growl, snap and bite so imagine when you are cuddling with your dog and suddenly your partner walks towards you two. Your dog may growl like a bear. What if a friend, who just wants to embrace you, will be snapped by your dog? What does this mean? Your dog just wants the other person to go away.                                                                    

If you really reflect thoroughly about it, this gesture will make you feel good about yourself. Whether we admit it or not, we are touched when our dog tries to protect us from others. They show their love and loyalty to us by making sure nobody’s going to touch us and that makes us laugh sometimes. Since dogs have excellent ability to sense other beings, this fact will hinder us to solve this problem. We are reinforcing the habit by showing them we are happy when they do it.

Therefore you must show your dog not only in words but also actions that you are not pleased of what she is doing. Make him feel your displeasure. If she snaps someone when you two are in a couch, teach him a lesson by making him to go away. If she’s in bed and growls at someone when you’re around, remove something that makes her comfortable like her bed privileges

Create some effective action plans. Provide your problem dog a delicious food if you’re hugging your spouse and your friends are in the house to hug you. Also, don’t forget to give her food for instances like you’re with her and a delivery person brings food to your house. She would change her thinking about people coming to you as something positive and something to look forward to.

Even if you are not expecting someone to go to your house and your dog’s unstoppable barking happens when they arrive, there are still lots of things you can do ahead of time for this issue. Make her food always accessible. Before someone comes in and there is a high chance she will bark or attack him, put a leash on her. Some house lay outs allow the dog to be tied behind the baby gate or you can tie her in the foot of a couch. Plan to succeed on your goal by setting it carefully and let your visitor wait for just a couple of minutes. When your dog looks at the visitor, throw her a delicious treat. If we are consistent doing this, eventually your dog will realize that it’s better befriend people because it means they will get a treat, thus it will reduce their barking. If it’s not possible to train them in this kind of situation, then put them in a place where she can’t see people coming. It’s better to put her in bedroom or crate with a stuffed food toy rather than giving her an opportunity to practice this unwanted behavior again. Although we are not really fixing the problem, at least we are managing it.

You have to consider that the speed of the effectiveness of these techniques will greatly depend on how long they are doing this habit. The longer the habit, the more difficult it is to change. If it’s something new, act on it as soon as possible to avoid getting worse. Worst thing that can happen is when you figure out that there’s a need to fix this issue by the time she already hurt somebody. If you’re single for the longest time, and now you found someone, it will be a big problem on how your dog will accept your new companion without those barking.

It’s difficult as well to know that we are the source of our pet’s problem however good thing is that there’s something that we can do with this problem. If you are the problem, you can change yourself for the better. Give your dog the freedom to be a loving friend and do not support her aggressiveness. Sharing you would be the best reward your loved ones should have.

Is your dog afraid of something that’s why they barking profusely?

It is a common thinking that when dogs are barking, lunging and growling, they are guarding their beloved owners. But we cannot assume that it is the true all the time. Fear is actually the most common cause of aggressiveness in dogs. Your dog might be thinking that to address their fears, they have to inflict fear to others so that whatever it is, it will go away. Therefore they are not really guarding you, but rather they are guarding themselves.

How can we distinguish it? Ask yourself; Are they fearful even when you are not around? Have you heard someone told you that your dog gets angry when he saw another person or dog? In that case, your dog is really protecting himself and not you. Seek a trained professional to help your dog in realizing there’s nothing to fear and he doesn’t need to bark at anyone.



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