Wondering what could put a smile on your best buddy’s face? Well, a collection of awesome ways to make your dog happy is here. From cuddling up to changing his day to day routine, we’ll give you 6 doable ways to make your dog consistently happy.

1. Play fun Games like Hide and Seek
It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to go outside just to play. Hide and seek is a great idea to make your dog enjoy staying at home especially when the weather is bad. A very easy step to achieve this is to leave your dog and find a proximate place to hide. Afterwards, call their attention and acknowledge their skill of finding you once they see where you hide.

At first, I don’t really believe that this indoor game would make their tail waggle. But when I tried it with my dog, I saw his happiness that stems from me playing the game even though I choose three same hiding places every time. If you have difficulty making him stay put, then have someone to distract him while you find a spot in your house.

2. Hiking with your dog
Do you want your normal dog walk becomes fun and exciting? How about hiking to some distant place or taking your dog to your local park? With the new environment he’s in, it’s a good brain stimulant, letting him think about that new smells and views surrounding him. If your dog is not used to hiking, I suggest that you do it gradually by doing some shorter walks. As time goes by, you can eventually add some distance. To avoid dehydration, don’t forget to bring plenty of water for you and your buddy.

3. Getting a happy meal through treat dispensing toys
Aside from feeding your dog, treat dispensing dog toys are there to mentally stimulate your dog by solving problems. It’s advisable to always keep your dog mentally occupied as much as possible to prevent behavioral problems such as too much barking and chewing. Amazon has a lot of these treat dispensers available. Bob-A-Lot is my favorite because its hole is adjustable, it is dishwater friendly and it last a long time.

4. Learn some exciting tricks
Sit, stay and lay down are not the only tricks that our dogs can learn. If we are patient enough, our dogs will not only learn boring tricks but also some tricks that might entertain other people as well. Some of the tricks you might consider to teach are weaving through your legs, clean their toys, spin, bow, crawl and go to bed.

5. Hide his treats
Games like hiding his treats are a fun game to increase his sniffling abilities. This is something that I and my dog enjoy playing. To do this, prepare some bite sized treats like carrots and hide them somewhere around the house when he’s not looking. Afterwards, engage them to start finding the hidden treat. You will notice that your dog would spring with happiness finding that treat using his natural ability.

6. Prepare a Homemade Treats
They say that a way to woman’s heart is through her stomach; I would say that a way to your dog’s happiness is through his stomach as well. If you notice that your dog is fond of seeing you cook, how about making him a treat of your own. Even if you’re not a good cook, there are some easy to cook recipes that you can make yourself. It also gives you a peace of mind knowing that you know what your precious buddy is consuming.


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